For the first time in entire history of Polish higher education some Polish university takes part in London Tech Week. It happens to the Polish University Abroad as an implication of our co-operation with other universities in academic research project “TICASS”. What’s crucial, “TICASS” is a Polish project supported by the European Union. Due to the fact European Union is getting focused on social innovations (for better and easier life and work in united Europe), we’ve been developing a SmartCity project we can describe as Polish. It is based on a solution concerning local public transport and should lead us to a new stage of future transportation in the European Union. For more you can join us via LTW event page: https://londontechweek.com/event/european-union-social-innovation-from-academic-research-project-to-smart-city-solution-innovation – or just write an email to our Strategic Development Director: roman.mazur [at] puno.edu.pl


London Tech Week 2018

European Union social innovation: from academic research project to Smart City solution

Date & Time:
Friday 15th June
18:00 – 20:00

Event location:
Polish University Abroad
POSK Building, 4th floor
238-246 King Street
London W6 0RF