European PhD HUB in London

European PhD HUB in London

Discover future value of PhD from Poland while studying in… London! We are European university established in 1939 and based in London (PIC: 949304275, British Charity Commission: 298510). Our deep higher education roots make us the only university operating in London i.a. as Polish academic hub, in PhD prism.

We provide very unique doctoral seminar online, in real time or taking place in our premises in London. But the seminar is ending with very friendly PhD exams in leading universities in Poland. Poland is a country with full membership in the European Union. The EU, as you know, is one of the biggest single-market economies in the world, with almost 500 million citizens. Only the best Polish PhD supervisors co-operate with us, incl. prof. Maria Ganczak (F) – public health professional, and prof. Pawel Boski (M) – leading social psychology researcher.

What’s also crucial, we run academic accelerator PUNO BRIDGE focused on turning research results into business projects. This way we are the only European university taking regular part in London Tech Week with our own projects. It led us to the EU programme: “Innovation Radar”, where we work out single European standard of communication in local public transport market. We’re PUNO!

PhD IN PUBLIC HEALTH WITH PUNO: First of all, we aim at making you ready for building successful health policies on all levels of local, regional and central administration, in co-operation with authorities, professional bodies, NGOs, international organisations, private sector and all national as well as international media. We also aim at opening your way to successful managing over medical and pharmaceutical entities, incl. healthcare units, hospitals and ministerial departments. Being ready for next global pandemic crisis, profound big data analysis and Artificial Intelligence issues in public health make studying with us one of the best choices of yours ever.

PhD IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY WITH PUNO: Applied psychology issues in social prism are the top priority of our flagship PhD studies. Business psychology with Human Resources Management, crisis management with pandemic issues and theoretical as well practical issues of counselling relating to sociological phenomena will make you well prepared to individual and team work. It is our vision of contemporary and future world of remote work, lifestyle promoting well-being and omnipresent development. Carrying out research in London can easily relate to global startups and modern entrepreneurship or even personality issues in consumer AI products. So, what are you waiting for?